Decker UMC History

In 1867 Swedish immigrants began to arrive in this area. As they cleared land these Swedish immigrants built modest cottages which served as their homes. In the years to follow these industrious people, by work and stick-to-it-ivness, transformed the wild prairie land into a land flowing with milk and honey. Rev C. Charnquist, who had come to Austin in the year 1871, began to preach in the homes of these Swedish people. Around 1873 a congregation was organized . A small church was erected and dedicated on Pentecost Sunday 1879. This first church was built by the community and was dept free. The current church was erected on 1901 to serve a fast growing Swedish community. The pipe organ, that is in the church today, was added to the sanctuary in 1912. Later an education wing was added. Today we try to serve a our changing community with the same “stick-to-it-ness” that was so dear to our founder’s hearts.


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