Rent Our Church

Looking for a lovely place to have a wedding, family reunion or business meeting – consider our church!  Reasonable rental rates for your function.   Read rental application


Facilities available for rental:
  • Sanctuary and Auxiliary Rooms
  • Fellowship Hall & Kitchen (social function)
  • Fellowship Hall  (meeting)
  • Parsonage (meeting)
  • Pavilion (outdoor function)
  • Parking lot (outdoor function)


Facilities free for ministry outreach:

Use of the Facility for an approved ministry outreach endorsed by Church, will not be charge for use of the site. (A donation will be accepted to cover incidental expenses or church maintenance, as you are so led.) If Party is a member of Church, a reduced fee will be offered.


Mission of Decker United Methodist Church

“Serving God, Making Disciples, and Reaching out into the Community.” We welcome you to our Facility, and we hope you experience the hospitality, peace, and love of Jesus Christ during your visit. If we can do anything to enhance future visits, please let us know.